‘Nido helped me to regain self-confidence and breathed new quality in my life’.

‘My attitude’s change had big influence on my marriage’.

Regain yourself with Nido’s implants!

Our mission: We bring the joy of life for people who are afflicted with baldness.

Nido Z-type fourth-generation implants are the result of long-term research and clinical tests. They are being used in the best world’s clinics, now available also in Poland. Nido implants are produced exclusively by NIDO LTD in Japan. Nido Ltd. and Nido’s own factory obtained certificates CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, TGA (Australia).
Who is it for? For active people, who want to enjoy their life without complex and sacrifices. For women and men at each age, who want to restore completely or partly their hair density. For people who want to cover the scars on the head. In order to obtain the best result, Nido Implants can be applied as an independent procedure or combined with other restoration methods.
How is Nido procedure applied? This is an esthetic medicine, small surgery procedure. Implantation is performed under local anesthetic. Individual color, quantity and length – are matched by the doctor. Synthetic fibers are implanted directly into the scalp. No scars, no stitches, no bandages and no time off work.
Japanese technic, quality and safety reinforced over forty-years’ experience. Nido Implants are biocompatibility, made with material used in medicine (surgery, orthopedic, vessel surgery). AH is sterilized by electron beam irradiation. Fine-grained silver coating has bactericidal action. Patented implanting instrument ensures that the AH is inserted to the correct and safe depth. Nido Implants are fixed stronger into the scalp than natural hair – about 50-100 grams more than healthy hair. They are natural in touch feeling. Yearly loss of about 10-15% of implants quantity corresponds to a natural hair cycle. So it is recommended to attend the clinic for smaller replenish procedure. If it is needed implant can be easily and completely removed from the scalp without using the scalpel.