FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Is it necessary to stay in hospital after procedure?
No, procedure is provided in the clinic and just after procedure patient can come back home, hospitalization is not necessary after procedure. Directly after procedure you can come back to the normal life. You should just limit bigger physical efforts.

Can the implants be dyed?
No, implants have certain color and do not take exogenous dye. But you can dye your own natural hair.

Does implanted hair grown?

Does implanted hair fall?
Yes, just like natural hair. Yearly Nido’s AH loss is about 10-15%. Because of that, we recommend supplementary procedure every few months.

Is this procedure painful?
No, during procedure local anesthesia is applied.

What is the difference between Nido AH and synthetic hair used in wig?
Implant is a medical device manufactured to replace a missing biological structure, support a damaged biological structure, or enhance an existing biological structure, implanted into body. Wigs, toupees producers often abuse this word to suggest that their products include implants, but correctly they should use word ‘prosthesis’. Prosthesis – is an artificial device that replaces a missing body part.

What is the Nido’s AH length?
AH implants are available in length ca. 17cm – this is an optimal length to get the increasing density effect, both for a man and woman and for later aftercare.

Is it possible to get natural hair color if I do not have one/uniform hair color?
Yes, by mixing 2 or more available Nido’s colors to get natural effect.

Who can provide implantation procedure?
Procedure can be provided only by professional, trained medical staff.

What are the available colors?
Nido has 10 colors, below color sample.

How long it takes to get the maximal resistant of Nido AH?
The final resistant of implanted Nido AH is gained after ca. 2months, but the resistant of natural hair after 3-4 weeks.

Does Nido procedure preclude other hair restoration methods?
No, Nido AH can be used parallel with other methods. Nido procedure can be used independently or auxiliary in order to get the best result for patient.

If I had autologous hair transplant, can I have Nido AH implantation?
Yes, it can be used parallel to increase quantity of the hair on the head.

Can I shampoo Nido’s AH like natural hair?
Yes, according to the described way, and after ca. 3-4 weeks the same way like in case of natural hair.

Can I use conditioner to my new hair?
Yes, you can take care of your new hair the same way as natural hair.

Will I feel the difference between AH and natural hair?
No, for patient there is no difference in feeling between Nido AH and natural hair.

Can I sunbathe after implantation?
It’s recommended to avoid sunbathe during first week after implantation procedure.